Hello and Welcome

We are LaRose & Associates, a Corporate Training and Individual Coaching firm led by an experienced group of former Senior Training Managers and VPs.

Our trainers have gleaned valuable insights from their life’s experience working as ‘insiders’ at the highest levels of management to provide effective learning programs. We’ve had the pleasure of training and supporting well over 1,000 leaders, management professionals, sales & service personnel,  business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our highly credentialed coaches work very hard with every individual client to help them enhance their business earnings, intensify their personal convictions, make powerful changes, share their gifts, and achieve more meaningful and rewarding results in their lives and careers.

Corporate Training

Helping you define your goals and create a training program specific to the needs of your organization.Read more

Workplace Coaching

Workplace coaching provides a platform for continuous learning and development. Read more

Personalized Coaching

Often the one thing preventing us from achieving our desired objectives comes down to our behavior patterns. Read more

Integration Workshops

The purpose of our Cultural Integration Course and Workshops is to enhance the integration of newcomers and families Read more

What our clients are saying

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