It turns out that the big secret isn’t all that secret. Yet few take the time to do it, even though it can have a massive impact on your marketing, business, and life.

“I try to do the right thing at the right time. They may just be little things, but usually they make the difference between winning and losing.” —Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Marketing is all about getting yourself out there with your marketing message and your story in various ways and connecting with your ideal clients until they show enough interest in your services that they ultimately become clients. Everyone knows this.

What does it take to be highly successful at marketing your business? What is the big secret to marketing success?

Hard work and consistency are important. So are focus, planning, knowledge, practice, discipline, and getting support. Plus creativity, excellence, follow-through, and the ability to bounce back from defeat and rejection – these are requirements for success in any field!

What’s the big secret?

The big secret is clarity about what you truly want in your life. You need to be — you must be — clear about what you want more than anything else — and have a burning desire to get that, to realize your vision, purpose, and goals.

What are your goals? 

They should not be to create a great website, do speaking engagements to excited crowds, build your email list to thousands of people, or have clients who bring in massive amounts of revenue. Those are stepping-stone goals. Yes, you might make plans to achieve some or all of those eventually, but they are not goals that will really motivate you or excite you for your whole career. They are not big enough, important enough, emotional enough. Your goals should be “life goals”

When I started my business 8 years ago, I formulated a few very important life goals that motivated me and that keep motivating me to this day. I wanted to be independent in my work.  I wanted to help people and make a difference. Any goal I had just to make money tended to flop. So I wanted to do work where I was emotionally invested and really liked the people I worked with. I wanted to be financially independent.

I wanted to be very comfortable and never worry about where the money was going to come from if I wanted something. I wanted my personal life to be integrated with my work life.  I wanted to reach a place of equanimity and self-awareness. I wanted to be able to experience joy in anything and everything, no matter the circumstances of my life. When I started my business, I lived in an house in Sao Paulo, Brazil  had limited funds, and knew virtually nothing about starting a practice. But those five crystal-clear goals really motivated me to be successful at my marketing, my business, and my life.. I built a training and coaching facility there and now am happy to say, am in the process of building the business out in North America (based here in Vancouver, BC) – Those goals got me to launch websites, conferences and newsletters that been going for 8 years, and keep creating fun, valuable programs for the past 8 years that not only helped my clients but forced me to practice what I preached.

All my marketing goals were in the service of my bigger goals. I needed to be successful at my business to achieve the lifestyle, relationship, and inner peace that I wanted. It didn’t happen because I was nuts about marketing. I got nuts about marketing because I saw it as the most powerful pathway to get what I wanted the most. Not that I didn’t have tough times and the setbacks and disappointments that everyone experiences. But I always had those big goals to fall back on. They are the backbone of everything. I never gave up. So for now, forget about focus, discipline, intensity, creativity, and consistency. Those WILL come if you are clear about your bigger goals in your life and business.


What do you really want your life to be about?

Imagine 10, 20, or 30 years into the future and ask what you’d like to achieve that would make your life worthwhile, challenging, exciting, and joyful, while still being viable.

Can you get excited about those goals?

If not, look again at your goals until you can get up every morning excited to work toward their ongoing realization. Maybe it’s to travel the world, to have a wonderful family, to make your mark as an international expert, to discover some ways to make the world a better place, or to be a multi-millionaire philanthropist. It’s up to you. But they must be your goals, goals that spring from you, not what anyone else told you was important. You actually do know what you want. Trust yourself.

And when you are crystal clear on your goals, you may realize, as I did, that sharing your business’s purpose and marketing were great vehicles to get there. This could be just another article that you read, get a short flash of insight from, and move on to the next thing. Or it could be a turning point in your life.


Stop for a few minutes. Pull out a piece of paper and write down your most essential three to five goals, things you really want to have in your life more than anything else. Then spend a lot of time thinking about and visualizing those goals. Keep asking if they are truly important to you. Share them with important people in your life. Write about them; dream about them. This process puts your creative subconscious to work that will ultimately discover ways to achieve these goals. There’s an old saying you’ve probably heard: “When there is no vision, the people perish.” But the opposite is also true: “When there is vision, the people flourish.” And that “people” is you!

What you have read above will help you and those around you succeed, to find business success, personal happiness and overall fulfillment wherever you are!

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  1. April 16, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    My Goals:
    ~ Independent in my work
    ~ Help people find peace through their role in harmony
    ~ Facilitate a global awareness of us

    Thanks Larry, I’ll give your suggestions a try 🙂

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