“High-pressure cutthroat organizations spend 50% more on healthcare for their employees than organizations with a more positive, supportive environment because 80% of workplace accidents are attributed to stress, as are 80% of doctor visits.

Cutthroat organizations are actually less productive because they experience significantly lower levels of employee engagement. Organizations with high numbers of disengaged employees have 40% lower earnings per share, are 18% less productive, and have 50% higher turnover.”

Many of our clients are relieved after our core coaching program is executed. This conundrum becomes much less a concern. Our core belief system is carried over to all of our coaching sessions. That is – you are your own authentic self, and that is who you are proud of and will live for every second of your day. You are driven internally, not by seeking external approval.

Sourced from Travis Bradberry. Entire article can be found here:


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