Tip # 9 – Continually do the unexpected. Have the reputation for doing the unexpected, and clients will always expect something different and exciting from your company. This doesn’t mean that you have to have dancing clowns in your lobby, but having the same lollipops that everyone else gives out is not at all unexpected. Do something different. These are the things that clients talk about.

Tip # 8: Create an atmosphere of excellence. Let it be known that everything you and your employees do has to be the best, and you won’t accept less. Remember that winning organizations are always raising the bar. If you aren’t pushing to do better than yesterday, you will be left in the dust of your competition. Execute on Tip # 8 and you’ll be well on your way of becoming an effective Manager.

Tip # 7: Continually ask yourself how you can improve and add value. If you don’t keep asking and pushing yourself, you’ll start to slip behind the competition. Clients have more than one choice and your competition is aggressively marketing to them. They know what is being offered by others. Be ahead of the curve by asking what you can do to add value to your clients’s experience with you. Adapt this mindset, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an effective Manager.

Tip #6: Empower your employees to do the right thing. And don’t hold it against them if the situation doesn’t turn out perfectly. That means giving employees the power to do whatever has to be done to make a customer’s experience a WOW experience. They will make mistakes, but each time they will learn – with your help.

Tip #5. Make your clients an agenda item at every staff meeting. Present their point of view and ask these questions: What would the client think of this? Would this strategy be fair to them? How can we serve our clients better or differently? Use this approach internally and you will see increased revenue

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